Formation of Uniting

What prompted the decision to establish Uniting?

The Uniting Church in Australia Synod of Victoria and Tasmania commenced a Major Strategic Review of its operations, reporting bodies and institutions in 2014. This led to a decision by the Synod Standing Committee in June 2015 to strengthen its ministry of compassion and care by creating a single governance body to oversee a number of its community services agencies.

In April 2016, Wesley Mission Victoria, a separately incorporated entity, also elected to join.

What happened after the decision was made?

The Synod Standing Committee created the UnitingCare Network Project to implement its decision, led by a Project Control Group.

The Project Control Group oversaw the development of founding documents, such as the constitution, appointed the Board, CEO and Director of Mission, finalised the list of agencies to come under the new Board, and made the decision to adopt the Uniting identity.

In October 2016, Uniting was established and governance of the 22 founding agencies was transferred to the Board and all founding agency board members were retired. This was an important milestone as it created the governance framework for the new organisation to emerge.