Naomi didn’t know where to turn

Naomi sat at the kitchen table staring at the eviction notice, years of grief and struggle bearing down on her. She had worked so hard to hold things together. She had prayed constantly. But this was too much. She had three young children to look after, mounting debt, and she was exhausted.

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Andy has the tools for success: Support for at-risk young people

Life at home wasn’t easy for Andy. Having suffered abuse and family violence throughout his early childhood, he was living in a housing commission flat with his alcoholic father and two younger siblings.

In grade six at school, Andy was witty and quick to grasp concepts but was known for provoking fights, being disruptive in class and getting angry quickly.

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A fresh start for Vicki: Support for asylum seekers

Life as an asylum seeker isn’t easy.

Even with work rights, asylum seekers in Australia face a range of hurdles to gain employment, access housing and simply care for their families. Many, like Vicki – a mum to two young boys – face this struggle alone, as they wait for spouses to join them in Australia.

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There’s always somewhere to turn: Emergency relief for families

Olivia never expected to need the help of an agency like Prahran Mission.

The happily married mum of two young children could never have foreseen the devastating turn of events that would leave her and her children homeless.

Prahran Mission’s Emergency Relief Coordinator Rosa said everything changed when Olivia’s husband started becoming stressed about money.

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Support for the journey: Grandparents raising grandchildren

Wendy and her husband were looking forward to their retirement. They planned to be ‘grey nomads’; travellers who would see the far ends of Australia and live life on the road.

But one day, without warning, they became sole carers for their baby granddaughter Jessie.

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