Regular Giving

A regular donation is your way of taking action every day to confront poverty.

Our regular giving programs:

The benefits

  • You provide ongoing support to confront poverty in your local community and further afield. This means each and every day, you can be sure that you are helping people who are homeless, hungry, isolated, abused, seeking asylum or facing sudden crisis; and
  • You help reduce administration costs, so more of your gift goes directly to where it’s needed most. You’ll also receive just one combined tax receipt per year for all your gifts.

You are in complete control of your gifts. If you decide to cancel or change the amount you give, you can do so at any time. Simply call us toll free on 1800 668 426 and let us know your wishes.

Set up regular giving via credit card now


If you would prefer to set up a regular gift via direct debit, please click here to download the direct debit request form. (You can read the direct debit service agreement here).