Patron’s Message

Y’ know, woodworkers witness wonders every week. A distressed piece of timber can be transformed into a thing of beauty with the right care and effort. So it is with people.

A gift to Share is ‘kindly treatment’, to quote the religious scholar. It will help transform the lives of people who are experiencing tough times and it will give them hope.

“Beauty for brokenness, hope for despair” are the opening words of a powerful hymn written by Graham Kendrick. It includes this arresting prayer: “God of the poor, friend of the weak, give us compassion we pray”. And here is another line: “change our love from a spark to a flame”.

Share is an example of God’s faith and compassion in action. It is a way by which you and I can support a wide variety of programs of hope throughout Victoria and Tasmania.

Will you join my wife and me in a commitment to the future of Share?

A gift in your Will to Share is a particularly powerful way of caring for your neighbours and a proven way of sowing seeds of hope both now and into the future.

Please join us and pledge a gift that costs you nothing now to the critical work Share will always support and let us sow seeds of hope together.

Blessings galore,

Reverend Dr Warren Bartlett OAM
Patron of Share’s special ‘Seeds of Hope’ Benefactors Club