Sue’s story

“I’m glad I can do a little now and through making a bequest to Share somewhere in the future. Hopefully many years into the future, I can have more of a significant impact on a particular program or area that needs support at that time.”

Sue’s values were instilled at an early age after growing up in the Church of Christ, and it’s through her Church connections and beliefs that she understands the issues many families can encounter.

“Even though I come from a middle class background and haven’t really had to struggle, I was a sole parent for a number of years before my second marriage,” Ms Wales said.

“It has made me realise how easily anyone can go through difficult situations; whether it’s a marriage breakdown or a loss of a job which impacts on their overall wellbeing and makes them vulnerable to being in need in a range of different ways.”

Sue began donating to Share after learning about the diverse number of programs they support that help restore life, joy and hope to people who are disadvantaged or in crisis.

Sue’s faith, generosity and dedication to helping others are strongly evident in her life, and it will continue to be her legacy for many years to come