Ruth’s story

“I believe Share is a very worthwhile organization. It expresses the love of God through the community to people who are experiencing great challenges in their lives and I believe Share is administered with integrity and with wise use of funds. I singled Share out because it’s aligned with my faith. It is the faith that can be linked with the story about the Good Samaritan. We can take someone by the hand and walk alongside them.”  

Ruth Warren lives true to her traditional philanthropic values and desires to share gifts to help those most in need. She embodies the legacy of parents who taught her the spiritual value of family, friend’s church and community.

She has even taken the step of leaving a bequest to Share to ensure the work can continue after she is gone. She talks of her passion for Share and the work we fund.

“I’ve visited some of the facilities where Share’s programs are in place and I feel very strongly that I’m in tune with the philosophy that’s behind the way those programs operate – the way they’re meeting people’s needs without any sense of judgement, without differentiating between people’s beliefs.

Basically what I want to do with my limited funds is to really make a difference to people’s lives. I feel as though I’ve led a very privileged life, despite some minor dramas just like everyone else. I feel incredibly privileged and I feel that I should try to share that privilege with other people.

If I can make someone else’s life happier or better or relieve another person’s suffering in any way, if money will make a difference, then I’m happy to share what I have. I feel it’s just the right thing to do and it’s what I want to do. I feel it’s my way of sharing God’s love with other people.