Winter Appeal

All it takes is one crisis for your life to unravel…

Imagine you feel secure. You have your house, your child and your partner. Yet with cost of living rising, you’re just one crisis away from hunger and homelessness yourself.

All it takes is an unexpected job loss. An accident. A marriage breakdown. Or an illness. Then in only months, your life can unravel…The frightening truth is, this could happen to any of us.  And it happened to John. Who’s trying so hard to care for his 4-year-old girl, Melody.

Because one day Melody’s mother just got up and left them. Then John was diagnosed with kidney disease. He needs medication and dialysis three times a week to survive.

When we met John, this gentle, devoted father was desperate to feed his little girl. He’d already been skimping on the special diet he needs for his kidney disease so Melody could eat.  Yet they’d been hungry for two days.

With his kidney disease, John was unable to work. He was trying so hard to make his disability pension stretch. And he was terrified he and Melody would be evicted from their home.

Because he had medical expenses to pay. The cost of trips to the hospital for dialysis. Food and clothes for his daughter. He was behind on gas bills. It all got too much and John was falling further and further behind on his rent.

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People like John often don’t come for help for months. That’s why we call this an invisible poverty.  It’s the poverty of people who struggle in silence, too ashamed or too proud to admit they’re in trouble… until they have no choice. web image 3

With the support of people like you, you’ll be pleased to hear that’s exactly what we did for John that day.

John’s Emergency Care worker says, “We gave him a voucher for the supermarket. As well as a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables that would have tided him over for a week or so.”

“We also had some new winter clothing that was donated that fitted his daughter.

“He’s now on a payment plan for his rent… We also paid his gas bill and advocated with the utility companies to get him on payment plans and referred him for financial counselling. We also gave him some petrol vouchers to help with visits to the hospital.”

Donate now

When you donate today, we’ll have time before winter to stock up on essentials:

  1. Food hampers and supermarket vouchers
  2. Winter clothes
  3. Petrol vouchers
  4. Warm blankets and household items
  5. School help
  6. And as always, you’ll help us to work alongside families and other agencies to give parents the support they need before things become desperate.

Thank you for your compassion towards the invisible poor right here in your own backyard!

*At Share we respect everyone who is helped by the programs we fund – and many are working toward a fresh start in life. So while their stories are true, their names and images may have been changed to protect their privacy. Thank you for understanding.