Emergency Relief

From happy family to homeless…

Richard was happily married with 2 primary age girls, Emma and Hayley. He had a stable job.

Then came a series of traumatic events. His wife died from cancer, leaving the girls without their mum. Then Richard had a workplace injury. He could no longer work.

“The loss of his wife and employment resulted in the family losing their home.

“Without family or friends to help, they quickly became destitute.

“The family found themselves sleeping rough in a shipping container. They also slept in local parks.”

This could happen to anyone. Many of today’s homeless are just regular families – like people that you and I would know.

How your gift helps families in crisis like Richard’s

Through a Share-funded program, the family received help including: _MG_5258_web

  • food hampers
  • bedding
  • toiletries
  • crisis accommodation
  • school uniforms for the girls

Rise in homelessness + Funding cuts = Families in crisis

As the cost of living rises, the number of homeless people has soared.

And government cuts have left many Share-funded programs struggling to cope with the demand.

Homeless children and families in desperate need are being turned away. This is happening right here in our community.

For the sake of these families… please support Share.

How will donations be used?

Your gift will go towards emergency relief such as:

  • Food – bread, hot meals, non-perishable items, grocery or meal vouchers. So homeless families know they won’t go hungry.
  • Crisis housing – putting roofs over the heads of the homeless through temporary shelter. They can then get help to find long-term affordable rental or public housing.
  • Medical help – the doctors’ visits and medicines that the homeless can’t afford. So illnesses don’t have to go undiagnosed and untreated.

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