Technology a lifeline for Jane

Living in rural and isolated communities can make accessing services difficult, leaving people feeling vulnerable and alone. YOUR support is helping to bridge this gap in new and innovative ways!


Jane* has spent much of her young life battling severe mental illness.

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The future is bright for Warren, thanks to you

Sometimes people need help due to an unexpected crisis; other times they’ve been struggling for years and reach breaking point. Thanks to you, UnitingCare agencies are there to help with whatever a person may need.


Thirty-year-old Warren*, who suffers from mental illness, was extremely agitated when he first arrived at UnitingCare’s Emergency Relief Centre in Geelong.

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Bicycles and lunch – a winning combination for young boys

Early intervention programs help to keep at-risk young people on track and away from situations that might lead to trouble. With your support, such programs are increasing young people’s confidence and helping them make better choices in life.


For young boys, the time before they enter high school can be a tumultuous one.

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Safety and support for Saiful

Asylum seekers are often forced to live in our communities with little or no income while they await the outcome of their protection visa applications, leaving them prone to hunger, homelessness and isolation. YOUR support helps fill the gap.


When Saiful*, a 40-year-old man from Bangladesh, came to Australia he hoped for a better life.

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More than just the food

Kylie, who wants to be known only by her first name, does not flinch as she recounts the uphill slog that has been the past 10 years of her life.

Desperate, hungry, at her wits’ end and battling a drug addiction that she’s carried most of her adult life, Kylie turned up on the doorstep of Melton FoodBank looking for something to fill her stomach.

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Rana’s story

Rana* fled Iran in search of a better life.

In her home country she wasn’t able to study or work, and her dream is to have an education. She fled Iran with her parents and lived in emergency conditions in Syria for two years before gathering the courage to take the long journey to Australia.

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